FIST T-Shirt

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Fist - Front (Navy).png
Fist - Back (Navy).png

FIST T-Shirt


The FIST T-Shirt design was inspired by wanting to integrate the message that INTUITION and INSIGHT are more Powerful Together than when utilized on their own. This design promotes the statement and mindset that INTUITIVE INSIGHT proudly wants to share with everyone.

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  • American Apparel: 50-50 T-Shirt (50% Cotton, 50% Polyester)

  • Colors: Navy, Black Aqua, Heather Black, Asphalt

  • Printed through

  • Soft and stretchy

  • Fits a little snug (would recommend getting the next size up)


  • 50 on Waiting List = $30 per shirt; 100 on Waiting List = $25

  • Shirts come in at 2 weeks after order is placed

  • Buyers receive the shirt 3 - 5 days

  • Only Exchanges for Color or Size