Episode 5 Now Streaming! 13 Reasons Why & Instant Insights with Suzelle Marques, LPC (Part 2)

Whew! I know that its been a little while, but we are finally back here on the Intuitive Insight Podcast!

There was so much to talk about last time that we had to do a Part 2!

Please join me, Timmy E. for Episode 5 of the Intuitive Insight Podcast where we will be continuing our interview with Suzelle Marques, LPC of Mindful Counseling. We conclude our discussion of the controversial Netflix Series, "13 Reasons Why" from a clinical and personal perspective. Part 1 certainly had some interesting insight from Suzelle, and click below to here more about what she has to say in Part 2! Plus, Suzelle also participated in our fun segment with all of our guests, "Instant Insight". See what she has to say about many things from counseling, music, and even her favorite place!

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