Intuitive Insight #2 – Affirmations

There can always be times when we doubt our abilities, our motivations, and ourselves. Often these acute times of low self-esteem are in correspondence or reaction to negative emotions brought on by difficult, unexpected, or negative events that are triggers to our homeostasis. 

An Affirmation is a method that promotes to balance our low self-esteem, negative attitudes, etc. by being able to say the complete opposite of these negative emotions or thoughts.

For example, I feel depressed because I have no plans for the weekend. A positive affirmation to combat this statement would be: I am excited and social. I am excited and social. I am excited and social. 

Affirmations are best said in front of a mirror to provide a reflection of what the current emotion is and should be recited with the type of emotion that is desired. In this way, it allows for us to get a clear reflection of what we look like in the negative emotion state we are currently in and gives a sense of the our desired positive emotional state.

By balancing the negative emotion with a positive affirmation, it allows us to be open to changing our current predicament. After saying the Affirmation three to five times, it can give rise to thoughts and ideas to pursue our desired emotion and goals. Perhaps the individual would now be looking to see if any friends, family, acquaintances are available for a last minute get-together. Perhaps, the could look into engaging in an activity that he/she enjoys participating in. Perhaps, the individual could be brave and try a new activity and meet new people. At the very least, the individual would try to ensure that they would have plans with others the following weekend.

Ultimately, utilizing Affirmations allows us to be honest with our emotions and allows to process what triggered the acute negative emotion. But as with many aspects of mental health wellness and awareness, it requires us to be honest with ourselves, how we are feeling, what is causing it, and lastly, how can we can make changes to our situation.

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