Intuitive Insight #3 – Types of “Mistakes”

So I was thinking about the different types of “mistakes” people make based on observations and discussion and here the three I notice the most.

Three Types of Mistakes

– Stemming from Missed Opportunities

– Negative Results due decisions made without considering the whole picture (Kind of like based on the options presented to me, I thought this was the best decision while not exactly in the best frame of mind)

– Negative Decisions made on Purpose (Having full understanding of the situation and making a decision that is least beneficial)

Overall, my take on mistakes are that they are part of experiential learning which spawn quotes such as: “never make the same mistake twice” “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”

Any insights? Discuss it here as well as post your thoughts on the types of "mistakes" we make. 

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